About Foundation

„The Carpathian Institute” is located in Stary Sącz (in Poland, in Malopolskie Voivodeship).

Activity of „The Carpathian Institute” bases on Polish Foundation Law on 6th April 1984 and „The Carpathian Institute” Foundation Statute.

Carpathian Institute is a non-governmental organization (foundation) set up in 2003. We are a Project Management & Consultancy foundation specialising in renewable energy resources in Poland. We are involved in both the technical and commercial aspects; as well as having a client base that includes both the public and the private sector. We advise and lend our expertise to our clienteles so that both the construction and the future running of energy systems are carried out cost effectively, profitably and with respect to the environment.

In the last year we have co-ordinated over 100 projects for local authorities throughout Poland. The result has been the construction of renewable energy systems costing over €50million. In Poland we are seeing exponential growth in the demand (20% per annum) for equipment that produces thermal and electrical energy. The greatest increases in demand are for CHP (20-30KWE) equipment that uses biogas, mass and fuel as well as unrefined plant oil. Because of this increase in demand, Poland represents the expansion and investment opportunity for companies involved in this area. We have a long and established history in the production of energy. Where we were once the leaders in coal production, we are now looking increasingly to renewable energy.

The principal aim of ours activities is stimulation, broadly understood, of the Carpathian region. Carpathian Institute works with schools of higher education and representatives of the world of science; it has 5 regular employees and co-operates with more than 20 associated workers – scientific   and industry experts. The applicant’s track record includes consulting and training projects implemented  for SGUs throughout the country, predominantly in the Carpathians. New technologies, RES in particular, have become an important driver of the activities it has undertaken this year. In the pursuance of these activities, the applicant is currently carrying out the following projects:

  1. Eco-Power Strategies for the Communes of the Kołobrzeg and Koszalin areas, Measure 2.6 IROP – Zachodniopomorskie Region.
  2. Eco-Power Strategies for the Communes of the Świecko and Tuchola areas, Measure 2.6 IROP – Kujawsko-Pomorskie Region.
  3. The Carpathian Centre for Environmental Initiatives (KCIE) under Measure 1.3 SOP-ICE. Within this project, the applicant has been awarded the status of a technological incubator and is in the process of finalizing the project’s first stage to establish (construct) the KCIE incubator. The present project is also closely linked to the activities of KCIE.

The applicant has implemented and is currently carrying out projects indirectly connected with consulting and training for SGU. The projects completed include:

– 2 analytical and consulting projects under the World Bank’s Rural Development Program, for offices of poviat authorities in Jarosław and Ustrzyki Dolne; a total of 23 strategic and analytic studies in entrepreneurship stimulation, promotion, investment opportunities, local development;

– 7 World Bank projects under a rural development program; the projects involved the development of multimedia, interactive investment proposals for the poviats in: Nowy Targ, Nowy Sącz, Oświęcim, Jarosław, Nisko, Przemyśl, Lesko;

– design of development strategies for the bieszczadzki and stalowolski poviats, and Krosno and Jodłowa;

– design of 17 Local Development Plans for the communes and towns of: Korzenna, Krynica, Besko, Rymanów, Jodłowa, Haczów, Krosno, Nowa Sarzyna, Krościenko, Żywiec, Korczyna, Brzozowa, Radziechowego Wieprza; for the following offices of poviat authorities: jarosławskie, lubaczowskie, leskie, bieszczadzkie;

– design of 23 feasibility studies and capital projects for SGU mainly from the Małopolska and   Podkarpacie regions;

– design of 2 plans for the revitalization of urban areas for the towns of Żywiec and Krynica;

– under PHARE 2002, 2 training projects for unemployed women and young people, under the names of: “To be a Creative Woman” and “Knowledge and Development for Young People”;

The projects currently under way are as follows: -„Budget of Objectives and Effectiveness in Communes   of the Świętokrzyskie Region”. Measure 2.6   IROP, Świętokrzyskie Region;- as a partner, – Introducing SGU employees and the education sector into on-line education” 2.1 IROP, Malopolska Region;

– „E-Knowledge in Malopolska”, Measure 2.1 IROP, Malopolska Region; – „My business – my work”,     Measure 2.5 IROP, Malopolska Region, –  4 projects under SOP Rural Development, Measure 2.7, „Pilot Leader+ Programme”; – research project under the name „Study of the effectiveness of forms of support offered to long-term unemployed in the Malopolska Region”, Measure 1.5 SOP HRD, Malopolska Region.